Who was James McClellan?

Jim practiced pulmonary and ICU medicine at Saint Mary Medical Center for more than two decades. He was respected by the physician and nursing staffs with a uniformity of remarkable degree. Were a potential critic so banefully inclined, a dedicated search in the hospital for even a single negative comment about Jim McClellan might have required many days indeed. He was available, it seemed to us having the chance frequently to observe, to patient, to nurse, to physician, to anyone, in short, who asked, night or day, weekday or weekend. He was kind in his communications, and not only with patients. He did not bark. He did not humiliate. He was dedicated first to individuals as individuals, this being perhaps the sine qua non, the crucial principle, for defining a professional. He was thoughtful, efficient, and practical with making or recommending a clinical decision, and an ever gracious listener to counsel or advice. He was a colleague one never tired of.

We have had the Mission that these aspects of humanity Jim exemplified for so many should be celebrated annually by a lecture in his name. So far as we are aware, no other lectureship, at least no other in the Pacific Northwest, is currently dedicated to this theme.

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